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What conference organisers say about us...

"I cannot recommend Cambridge Publications too highly. They helped us organise the conference and provided an administrative and electronic infrastructure that took care of almost all our dealings with the delegates. This left us free to ensure that the meeting's scientific content was of the highest standard. It was a great pleasure working with them."
Professor Sir Keith O'Nions FRS
Chief Scientific Officer, Ministry of Defence, UK

"The volume was EXCEPTIONALLY well received!! Thanks again for your help, words of encouragement and support, and dedication to an excellent product."
Professor Kelman Wieder
Villanova University, Pennsylvania, USA

"I cannot imagine organizing a Goldschmidt Conference without Paul's expertise and assistance. Paul's projections of attendance and the flow of abstracts and registrations was amazingly accurate, which enabled us to make better budgetary decisions, and his handling of the program was masterful."
Hap McSween
Knoxville, USA

"Because of their experience, they knew in advance all the usual problems we would face: we therefore made them the kernel of our plans for the conference. However, it was their response to the unexpected which we found most valuable: they made it easy for us to handle the potential crises that any large meeting presents."
Professor Max Coleman
President, European Union of Geosciences

"Cambridge Publications combination of experience and institutional memory from organising many Goldschmidt's combine with Dr Paul Beattie's own geochemistry background to provide a unique insight into running a successful Goldschmidt conference that cannot be matched… At every stage of the process Paul provided advice that was always spot on. In the first instance this was in providing advice on and setting up the critical communication lines between the many stakeholders. The shear volume of email traffic and telephone calls that Paul's team handled throughout the entire process was staggering. If even a portion of the 'routine' email load had reached my desk my research and teaching would have sank without trace."
Professor Chris Ballentine
Davos, Switzerland

"In the preparation for the Goldschmidt conference in Vancouver in 2008, Paul has been extremely helpful: Paul's knowledge of the conference is amazing, his organizational sense impressive and his care for exciting science, good conference and good social events contagious. All this with a sense of humor that is very refreshing."
Professor Dominique Weis
Vancouver, Canada

"When we proposed to have the Goldschmidt Conference in Cologne we were sure that Cambridge Publications would take over part of the organisation, otherwise we would not have done it. They have the expertise on which we could rely... Furthermore, the Cambridge Publications team has invaluable experience in all logistic questions related to the conference. Their advice has helped us enormously in our daily planning; we could always rely on Paul and his people. Without Paul and his team we would have encountered severe problems and it is unlikely that we would been as successful as we apparently are… With so many successful conferences planned it would be silly not cooperate with Paul Beattie and his team."
Herbert Palme
Cologne, Germany

Collaboration with Paul Beattie and the folks at Cambridge Publications was a major stress reducer. They handled abstract submission and preparation, scheduling of the papers, and a number of other tasks expertly and flawlessly.
Scott Wood
Moscow, USA

I really appreciate your cooperation. I think our experience with you proves that a Goldschmidt Conference in any places in the world could be prepared by a local organizing committee by cooperating with your team... The contribution of Cambridge Publications was indispensable to the conference.
Yukihiro Matsuhisa
Kurashiki, Japan

Cambridge Publications proved themselves to be outstanding partners who worked very hard to give us the kind of abstract submission procedures, deadlines, program organization and web pages that we wanted.
Professor Alex Halliday
Davos, Switzerland

Cambridge Publications were a pleasure to work with, I cannot recommend them too highly. They took care of almost all of the administration, communication and publications needs, leaving us free to ensure that our meeting’s scientific programme was of the highest standard.
Sir Keith O’Nions
Oxford, UK

The meeting was a great success, thanks in no small part to the hard and compentent work of Beattie and Cambridge Publications. The symbiosis between local meeting organizers and Cambridge Publications continued over the years, partly via EUG meetings in Strasburg, for all subsequent European Goldschmidt Conferences
Albrecht Hofmann
Mainz, Germany

"Goldschmidt 2002 was an outstanding success: I have seldom seen delegates so happy and satisfied. The conference was expertly and efficiently organised and ran very smoothly. Cambridge Publications produced some of the best conference publications I have seen, and I have recommended them to our other conferences. Delegates appreciated the ability to include pictures, tables and equations easily and the efficient on-line systems provided to make submission very straightforward. I would recommend Cambridge Publications to any conference wanting to provide first class publications to their delegates.
... you did a perfect job!"

Fabienne Ljungqvist, DAVOS TOURISMUS

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