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Cambridge Publications makes skilful use of leading edge information technology to assist conference organisers with the smooth planning and running of their conferences. In particular we offer:

  • Our own dedicated industrial strength web-server upon which all our customer's conference web-sites can be hosted and maintained.
  • ConferenceSys™: the comprehensive IT suite we have designed to offer state-of-the-art solutions to many of the publication and administrative needs of academic conferences. ConferenceSys™ is designed to enable the services we provide to be tailored to meet the specific needs of each conference.
  • A fast and comprehensive service to handle the submission and processing of delegate abstracts for academic conferences.
  • The ability for conference delegates to handle every one of their registration and abstract submission requirements from the appropriate conference web-site.
  • Highly skilled staff who are able to adapt our conference administration systems to suit the exact requirements of each conference.
  • An artistic design team who can produce high quality web-sites to give an extra feel of quality to a conference at almost no extra cost.

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Symposium Convenor