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Cambridge Publications has constructed a unique information technology system named ConferenceSys™ that is able to cope with the most demanding of conference situations.

ConferenceSys™ represents a formidable tool that we can draw upon in order to give our customers the well run conference administration that they expect.

In particular:

ConferenceSys™ contains software for the production of complex abstract and programme volumes and enables us to offer the very fast turn around times that some conferences require between abstract deadline and delivery of the abstract volume. In our volumes, abstracts may contain colour pictures and photographs, complex tables and equations.

ConferenceSys™ also contains a database system that is more than capable of keeping abreast of the large amount of administration required as a conference evolves. This includes keeping track of the thousands of

  • abstract submissions
  • registrations of many kinds
  • accommodation bookings
  • payments
  • refunds
  • receipts
  • Invitations for travel visas

that are processed during the run up to a major conference.

ConferenceSys™ also enables us to offer our fast email helpdesk facility to delegates during the run up to a conference.

In addition, for those conferences that require it, ConferenceSys™ can be ported to anywhere in the world on laptop computers, giving Cambridge Publications the ability to run a full on-site helpdesk that can deal with almost any delegate query.

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